C has a pet ... finally!

C's been talking about getting a pet for the longest time and I have been putting it off because I can't imagine what it will be like if we really got a pet. Aunt Joan suggested going to the Animal Resort and I thought it would be killing two birds with a stone if we also got C her "pets".

The little ones fed some rabbits and geese.

Oh, we also saw this beautiful peacock!

Then we headed off to another farm to get our "pets". Aunt Joan met an ex-colleague whose family owns the farm and we were given a personal guided tour about butterflies and their life cycle.

The budding photographers with Uncle Wen Chong, the professional! The girls really had fun running around and catching the butterflies although C was a little reserved initially. She saw caterpillars and some spices like curry leaves and other plants like lime.

Some of C's arty shots:

C's got quite an eye, I must say.

As luck would have it, we even had the privilege of getting a butterfly laying eggs. Aunt Joan's ex-colleague taught us how to recognise butterflies in heat and what their eggs look like. It was really an eye-opening experience!

We saw what a butterfly pupa looks like and what we should and should not do when the adult butterfly emerges from it.

Then we proceeded to get our "pets". Yes, C and Keziah are now proud owners of these caterpillars! The caterpillar survival kit comes complete with instructions on how to tend and care for these creatures and leaves: food enough for 10 days, after which, the caterpillars will then morph into beautiful butterflies and then we have to release them.

This is Cheryl's caterpillars and we have to get the plant too because these caterpillars will only feed on this plant and they have to feed upright.

It was lunch time and after we bought some vegetables from the farm, we adjorned for some good food at Ivins.

The Daddies entertaining the girls before the food.

Our lunch! Yummy, delicious Peranakan food! We had their signature dishes like Babi Pongteh, Itek Sioh, Curry Fish Head, Nonya Chap Chye, Shrimp and Crabmeat Omelette and desserts. Our bill came out to be $50 which was extremely reasonable.

When we got back, Daddy quickly settled C's pets: Citty and Catty.

This would be what C's pets will look like after their transformation. This is the Plain Tiger Butterfly.


WaveSurfer said...

A very interesting pet. Looking forward to see how it morphs into a butterfly. ^^

ada said...

Don't leave the windows open, birds may find food conveniently near the window...

Mummy said...

The transformation has started!!!

Yeah. I asked Yang if he closed the windows in the kitchen last night.

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