Happy Birthday, Aunt Linda!

It was Aunt Linda's birthday today and we got her a very pretty cake.

C was very excited and the moment Aunt Linda arrived, she ran up to her and announced loudly that there was a surprise for her in the fridge. Hahahaha!


Fatboy Joe said...

I must add that the cake was relatively huge and very good. And despite the amount you can tell that it was good, so good that it was gone before you can say, "Can I have more?"

P.S. Please don't ask who had the most cake! Hee...

Mummy said...

i am glad you guys loved the cake. now you know where to get nice yam cake for linda in the future. :)

ada said...

Really appreciate Nat and Chris for getting the cake. Will Chris be getting the durian cake in June? I must try that too!!

Mummy said...


i have something else planned for chris. hahaha

but you can get the individually sliced durian cake from them. actually chris just had a slice for breakfast this morning. its slightly over $4 for the slice.

Vivie said...

hee heee u all look nicey!!

Linda , that must be the first time I see your face , even if we've been talking for yrs...

LOL for C , she wanted the cake , or the pics galore?:p

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