the fever bug invades again...

Cheryl is not well today. :(

She felt a little feverish this afternoon and we were wondering if it was because of the hotter than hot weather we have been having. We quickly gave her medicines and after her nap, the fever didn't seem to subside.

However, she did seem more energetic after her nap and requested to play her favourite computer games. But 15 minutes into the games, she quietly excused herself and went to her playroom. I was expecting her to scream out for me but she didn't. After like 5 minutes of silence, I decided to check on her and what I saw broke my heart.

She was lying on her play mat and her eyes were closed.

Goodness! I quickly ran to her because I had a scare when she was nearly a year old with the fits and all. Although the doc has confirmed that the chances of fits greatly reduces now that she is more than 3 years old but still the nightmares linger.

I went to her and touched her rather abruptly and she jumped! "Mummy, you scare me!" C said. "Mummy will carry you to your bed and you can sleep there."

It is so unusual of C not to call out to me, or ask for me and to think that she quietly went away to take a rest... . She even gave her dinner a miss. I will try to get her to eat her dinner later or at least drink so milk.


Vivie said...

ooh..get well C soon!! u scared your mommy ...

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