oh what a fleet!

When Aunt Angie asked us to join her for a car-ride in the evening, I had no idea we would be signing up for this!

It was the entire fleet of motorised cars, jeep, motorcycles, bicycles and even a Harley Davidson!

C had her eyes set on a modest bicycle and preferred to ride that over the other more fanciful rides. I managed to capture some shots of the children in action.

Our family portrait

The Daddies were kept busy as they had to constantly keep an eye on the little ones as they rode off. Their rides were attracting so much attention that many people around thought the Daddies were running a kiddy ride business and some children were even trying to queue for their turns on the cars.


WaveSurfer said...

Interesting car-riding session. It's funny about other kids queueing up for their turns~ ^^

Vivie said...

seems like a smashing time!!! and I HAD to laugh with the other kids lining for their turn...

Mummy said...

wavesurfer, vivie:
yeah.. it was because some parents were following the kids back and when they came to the spot where all the rides were parked, they actually came up with their children and got their kids to choose and pick the cars/ motorbikes/jeep they wanted.

until the daddies had to explain that its for "private consumption". hehe

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