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Cheryl discovered more online games she could play. Lately, she has been rather fascinated with Diego, Dora's cousin and every day she will request that we put Diego on so that she can join him on his animal rescues.

On this site, she can go for various missions with Diego and Dora!

This is Diego's Great Jaguar Rescue

This is Diego's Great Snowboard Rescue.

Cheryl can go on a maze and play as Boots with Dora. She has to listen out for instructions like which squares and colours to click on.

Cheryl is into planting these days.

and one of her favourites is playing with the Twins. Daddy and I caught her putting one of the twin in his pram. How cute is that?

Cheryl is getting quite good at navigating her mouse and moving it around the site. She also does colouring online.


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