booster, oh, booster...

We are looking for a booster seat for our Precious but we are still undecided about which to get.

After some research, these are just some that we have shortlisted although our options are still very opened.

Candidate No. 1: Britax Frontier Booster

  1. Children will be secured in a 5-point harness
  2. Suitable for kids at least 25 lbs, 2 years of age, and 30" tall.
  3. converts to a belt-positioning booster suitable for kids up to 100 lbs.
  4. Adjustable armrests give them a place to put their hands.
  5. Lift the armrests and little ones scramble in and out on their own.
  6. Cup holders provide a spot for juice.
  7. Generous cushioning and breathable fabrics ensure maximum comfort on the next family road-trip.
  8. An adjustable crotch strap and an easily adjustable harness and headrest provide a customized fit for growing children.
  9. The HUGS Harness cushions the neck and just.

Candidate No. 2: Britax Monarch Booster

  1. Expanding padded armrests
  2. Same weight, height, and weight capacity
  3. Option to be a backless booster
  4. More side impact protection for torso
  5. triple layer of padding in the seat area and easily removed, machine washable plush fabrics.
  6. Headrest is adjustable with just one hand
  7. Seat can accommodate children from 30-100lbs.
  8. The padded armrests expand away from each other, creating space for bigger passengers that may need a wider seating area.
  9. There are also retractable cupholders (which the kids love) are in place on either side of the base.

Candidate No. 3: Combi Buon Junior

  1. Simple and stylish junior seat which can be used up to 11 yrs old
  2. Shoulder belt position can be adjusted freely
  3. Equipped with drink holder
  4. Junior seat with high backrest and side protection
  5. Adjustable should belt guide
  6. Ventilated pad and air gate
  7. For baby 15 – 36 kg
  8. Size W455xD455-465xH670-810mm
  9. Weight 4.2 kg

Candidate No. 4: Mothercare Adv. SP

  1. Suitable from 9kg/20lbs to 36kg/79lbs (approx. 9mths-11yrs)
  2. Baby/child faces forwards in a seat with an integral harness secured in the car by an adult seat belt
  3. Converts to a booster seat for an older child
  4. Side-impact protection and head cushions
  5. Easy to adjust headrest and harness
  6. Includes chest and buckle pads
  7. 5-point, 1-pull harness
  8. Removable hand washable cover
  9. Seat dimensions: Height 71cm, width 45cm, depth (front to back) 48cm


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