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Langkawi 2016 - Mid Break! Part 1

Written By Mummy N on 8 June 2016 | 10:00:00 pm

While on a meet-up with our friends, we were catching up on what had happened and casually talking about vacations. Then before we knew it, we had made reservations for our tickets to our mid and year-end holidays! What was left was just to draw up an itinerary for our travel plans.

Langkawi is a beautiful place; quiet, idyllic, and a lovely place to just unwind. We needed it after a very hectic first semester. So on the 8th of June, we saw ourselves to the airport.

 After a hearty breakfast, we waved goodbye to our sunny island.

 Langkawi, here we come!

It was a short 1 hour and 15 minutes flight and while C took a nap, I did some light reading.

 Once we landed, we went straight to pick up our car.
 The feeling of being in a resort and sipping our welcome drink - heavenly!

 Our villa was up on a hill and we had to take one of these up. Luckily the hotel was prompt when sending for our rides and each wait was no longer than 2 minutes. 

Our lodging for the next 3 days. It was spacious and clean. Our balconies overlooked the ocean. :)