030303 ... 13 years

You don't realise just how fast time goes by until you do a count-back.

This day, 13 days ago, we were married.

Married life is kind of like parenting. Regardless the number of years we have been together, and despite saying that we know each other through and through, there are times and many things that we do that still surprise us. And regardless how "experienced" and "mature" we think our relationship is, we have come to know that each stage is different from the previous one.

These days, we are busier; some how there is more work to be done, and more responsibilities to take on. The hub has been out - he has been traveling on a weekly basis and C and I are often on our own for most part of the week. Despite the fact that some of his flights are in the morning, he will still send us to work and school before he heads out to the airport. He will be back by Friday evenings and we have the weekends. And because he isn't around as often as he likes to be, our weekends are precious. We treasure the Saturdays as they are our "dates"- we sip coffee and dig into a muffin or a slice of cake. We walk hand-in-hand while we window-shop and in the evenings, sit around to enjoy whatever is showing on cable. When he is in, we make it a point to have breakfast and dinner together as a family.

We are blessed and we are thankful, always. I say a prayer every night and each time, I end it with a note of gratitude - thankful to The Lord for watching us, for keeping us, for loving us.

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  • It's been a while since we sat ourselves in a plane. Definitely itching to fly over, to let our hair loose, to catch up with friends and be tourists.