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Seoul Magic! Part 5

Written By Mummy N on 6 December 2015 | 9:53:00 pm

Activity 9: Everland, Lotte World, and Trick Eye Museum

C also contributed to the planning of the itinerary. She had specifically told us that she wanted to visit Everland and Lotte World so we put that in.

The theme park doesn't open till 10 am so after a light breakfast we headed out. We took the train out to Gangnam Station and then walked about 300 m to the bus stop where we boarded bus 5002. The journey took 40 minutes and after alighting at the bus terminal, we had to take a shuttle bus to Everland.

 A short nap later, we woke up to this beautiful sight.

Grand mummy and C enjoying some of the rides at Everland.

The place was huge and besides the rides, we also saw animals like sheep, foxes, and lions. These little fellows here in the pictures were adorable. 

We made many small snowmen and left them every where - on the railings, on top of trash bins... you get the idea. Daddy, Cheryl, and Grand mummy were in the queue to take a ride and I was chose to not ride as I wanted to be their photographer. While they were waiting, I decided to make a snowman so I was rounding up some snow in my hands. One of the boys in the group that was standing behind Daddy, Cheryl, and Grand mummy grabbed some off the leaves of a nearby tree and threw it at their friend who turned around and saw me with the snow in mine. I froze literally then shook my head.

Just before we entered the animal enclosure where we saw giraffes, lions and elephants.  

Lotte World

Trick Eye Museum

We didn't have the chance to visit the one in Singapore so we thought we could do it here in Seoul. The tickets to the museum also gave us entrance to the (tiny) Ice Museum.

Activity 10: Skiing

We went skiing at Gangchon Elysian. We had an hour of lesson about how to handle the ski, and how to move about safely. We also learned to keep our balance and I must say the most difficult part of it all was trying to get up once we fell.

All suited up!

Grand mummy was game enough to try and this was enough for me. She was grinning from ear to ear and despite falling several times, she continued. It was truly a blessing to be able to see her play like a child again.

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