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Seoul Magic! Part 6

Written By Mummy N on 8 December 2015 | 10:22:00 pm

Food! Vacations are about food as much as the sight-seeing and the wonderful experiences.

The food on board was pretty decent. :)

Myeong-dong is really a food haven and there were many eateries here that were exceptional. These noodles were bouncy and the dumplings were huge and juicy. They were so good that C asked to come back for seconds.

Another wonderful place we went to at the Insa-dong area.

Jjimdak dinner at Lamp Cafe.

Lunch at a small eatery on our way to Bukchon Hanok Village. I didn't even get its name. Food there was good and it was crowded. I guess it being near the train station helped.

Bingsu at Bukchon Hanok Village. It was Grand mummy's first taste of this delicious Korean dessert of ice shavings and various ingredients. Ours had almond powder, mochi, and red bean.  

Daddy met up with his colleague and he took us dinner at Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant. The service there was exquisite.

Lunch at Nami Island.

Gamjatang at Wondang. It was absolutely delicious!

Jogabi Seafood Bar and Restaurant
We thoroughly enjoyed this meal.

We went western while at Lotte World.

Sumptuous lunch at Dong-daemon.

The ever famous fried chicken - Korean style!

Dinner at another BBQ restaurant - Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong Korean BBQ

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