Bangkok again.

It was the March holidays and usually for such a short break we tend to just stay in Singapore but Daddy has been talking about getting a tailored suit so we decided that we should revisit Bangkok. We brought up the idea to Aunt Ven and almost immediately, agreed on the trip. :)

So for a short 3-days-2-nights getaway, we managed quite a lot. 

 We checked ourselves in and put up at Amari Watergate this time. What we liked about our accommodation; the room was spacious - read: enough space for the unloading our of loot from all the shopping that we were going to do.

 Then we went to have Daddy's measurements taken for the suit that he wanted. We waited for the tailor who showed up in 20 minutes and then got right down to business. We were just amazed at the speed in which things could get done here. The suit was ready in 2 days actually because it was already nightfall when measurements were taken and ready by the morning we checked out of the hotel.  *gasp!* Thank you to whoever you are, for stitching up the suit because we were sure you stay up to get the job done.

While Daddy was busy with his suit, the rest of us went shopping. It was amusing to witness the children in the store because they were consulting and giving advice to each other. As you can see, they took a while to decide which pairs of shoes they wanted. The shop lady obliged to their frequent requests to try on this pair and that too.

There was a lot more shopping done. Let's just say, a kilogram more and we would have to pay for the extra weight we were carrying.

The terminal station where the train docks every day. 

Maeklong Train Market: Notice how close the produce and goods were placed to the rail tracks. The market is rather organised and at different sections of the tracks, different produce were sold. You can find anything from fresh seafood to fruits and vegetables. They even sell bottles of wine and tonic. Ven and I bought salted fish because they were so fresh.

The owners kept their goods when they hear the train coming and almost as magically as the produce disappear, they reappear when the train has gone by.  

a quick picture of the two of us.

 Ven was sitting behind a stall. The owner had very kindly agreed to let us stand in there when the train pass.

We also went to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market where we saw how these people peddle their goods and services in the river. Group picture here before our "sampan" disembarked.

We marveled at how the Thais go about making a living in the river as we do not get to see such sights in Singapore any more. 

Then of course, the food! We had the chance to dine at restaurants and we also ate like how the locals would. Each trip that we went on together was memorable because we would try to experience different situations; be it lavish shopping at the high-end malls or street-side bargaining at the local markets. The fine dinning at restaurants or the local food stalls. :)

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