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C started on her music lessons when she was 3 years old and for the longest time, she has been under the caring guidance of Teacher Sophia. Over the years, C has blossomed and her love for the piano slowly grew.

We have never pressured her and let her develop at her own pace. During those times when she had to perform for concerts, Teacher Sophia would give her pieces to play and practise on. The idea of her sitting for the piano exam never really crossed our minds. Teacher Sophia was well aware of our intentions. She was in fact, quite against it too as she felt that the constant practising of the same 2 pieces would kill C's interest. C's friends at the music school talked about their exam pieces and C asked Teacher Sophia about it. Teacher Sophia asked if she would like to and she sheepishly said "Grade 1, please." much to all of our amusement.

So there.

Our Precious, on the day of her music examination.

Teacher Sophia would have proposed letting her go for a higher grade but she reckoned that since it was for experience, Grade 1 would do. As to whether C was motivated, well, she was and she also put in the extra effort to practise her pieces when she could. As to whether she would go on to sign up for other Grades, I doubt it. C said she just wants to play for pleasure and love and Teacher Sophia said that that would not stop her from giving C "harder" pieces to play, like how she has always done. 

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