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nearing the end.

Written By Mummy N on 14 November 2014 | 11:30:00 am

As the academic year 2014 draws to a close, I take some time off to simple busk in gratitude. 

This year has been quite a mad rush and C, has done alright, Daddy and I would say. She didn't have any major upset in school and she took to her new form class well. In fact, we are especially thankful that she was placed under the tutelage of her current form teacher who would be following the class up next year.

When we received a letter at the beginning of the year from him, we knew then that he was someone extremely diligent. To date, we have a grand total of 42 emails and updates from him. He has dutifully provided us with weekly updates; from Week 1 of Term 1, on the pupils.

C likes having him as her form teacher because she said, he was funny, caring, smart! and (this is the best), shares the same date of birth as her. :) Perhaps it was just fate, but we believe that He orchestrated for C to go to this class.

Our greatest comfort was when C told us that she has improved; I mean, for her to say that, it would mean that she has done some reflection herself, her work, progress and growth. It is the last day of school today and there will be a break for her to recharge, loosen up a little and sleep in. More importantly, her beloved form teacher gets a break from work to rest before he journeys with them for another year.

We just want to say we are grateful. Grateful for your time. Dealing with children is already tough and dealing with children who are slowly maturing into young ladies, must be even more challenging. But please know that you are doing exceptionally well because C loves your lessons and she enjoys going to school. Her classmates too. :)

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