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Written By Mummy N on 5 October 2014 | 4:00:00 pm

When we went to pick C up from her golf session, she was busy "gardening". We had to let her finish whatever she was doing so we sat down for a chat with her coaches.

Now it seems that Coaches Philip and Francis have a little patch where they have been growing chili plants and some weeks back, Coach Philip had asked C to plant some seeds. The plant has since grown pretty big and every week, C would water it before she goes off.

This is C's chili plant.

These are from Coach Philip's other and much older plants. The light green ones are extremely spicy while the other ones are not at all. I wonder which ones will C's plant produce? Coach Philip gave us extra and we brought them back to Grandmummy's. C said grandmummy should plant them too in her garden patch so that Daddy and Uncle Ben could get an endless supply of chili. 

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