"Guinness World Record" Challenge by Mr. Peter Draw

This afternoon, C was part of the team which made history.

Mrs Lim, the teacher-in-charge of the School's Art Club which C is in, had signed the members up for the event and C was thrilled to be part of it.

The previous record was a 9.1km drawing and now, the challengers, together with Mr Peter Draw, were going for a 10km record. Mr Draw is an artist and philanthropist and his drawings have inspired many young people especially children in countries around the world. Mr Draw is no stranger to the Guinness Books of Records- he has broken 2: for drawing the largest caricature in the world in 2007 and for teaching the largest art lesson in the world in 2010.

 At 9 am, she assembled in the holding area with her fellow club mates who were also involved in the event.

This picture was taken at 3 pm; a good 6 hours later when the event came to a close. She was tired but happy still to play her part.

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