Thank you, Coaches!

It was in 2010 when C started on her golf and since then, she has grown to love this game. Every Sunday, she would be at the range practising. About 3 weeks back, Coach Philip asked if we would allow C to take part in the MEGC PC competition organised by Mandai Executive Golf Course. C was quite excited when she learned of the sign-up.

Today, we arrived about an hour earlier so that she could do her warm-ups.

 That's her working on her putting shots.

C checking on her registration status and getting her score card for the competition.

Her first golf competition and she came in third. We were so proud of her and she was just as happy because we all hadn't expected it.

 C with all the winners.

Then of course, C was just as thankful to both her coaches, Philip and Francis. 

Us with our little winner.

Then Aunt Ven texted us to say that she got C a little present. :) Thank you so much for the gift and for sharing our joy.

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