our Precious is 9.

Cheryl turned 9 today.

It didn't seem that long ago that we were in the hospital, awaiting her arrival. Then there was that nerve-wrecking experience of almost losing her when she went into fits just days before she celebrated her first birthday.

That was her when she was 1. 

This is Precious at 9 years of age, with the cake pops we got her as a surprise. It was something I decided on rather impulsively because we had already agreed that her birthday celebrations after she turned 7, would be simple and would only involve family members. Hence she really had not expected to see these little fellows staring back at her when she opened the door of the refrigerator. 

These were for her friends and teachers in church on last Sunday.

And another set of Frozen theme cake pops for her lovable classmates and teachers in school today. Deciding on having these Frozen cake pops was not difficult especially since Precious has been singing the songs and talking endlessly about Anna and Elsa so I know that C and her friends had a wonderful time eating the dessert.  

C's jaws dropped when she saw just how many cake pops there were. Seeing all 50 cake pops all erected on the board was quite a sight.

We had gotten permission from Mr Chong and Daddy helped C take the cake pops to class before morning assembly. Incidentally, today was also Mr Chong's birthday and C got him a gift as well. :)

Aunt Linda, Uncle Joel and Jerrell dropped by last Saturday evening with a cake for Precious as well. :)

One last one before the night was over. 

These nine years have been an enriching experience. Parenting has taught me to be more patient, to not assume, to know when and how to praise and to always be forgiving. There were times when C pushed her boundaries and there were just as many, if not more, of those precious moments where she showed she was kind, helpful and thoughtful.

The blessed birthday girl received many gifts:

We got her the Cabin Log from The Sylvanian Families series to add to her collection.

Aunt Ven, Uncle Alsonn and Brion showered her with gifts all the time and for her birthday, they bought her a new watch.

This came all the way from Australia from Aunt Rachel, Uncle Vincent, Aaron, Emma and Errick.

Aunt Angie, Uncle Jun Ming and the 3 girls gave C a solar-powered carousel. 

Aunt Jenny dropped by to give C some vouchers.

"Thank you so much!"

Daddy and I are always grateful that God did not take you away 8 years ago, that he watches over us so that we can do the same to you. Like the messages I have picked for you this year, you are a gift of love so go forth and shine with the light of The Lord, and grow brighter, warmer and more radiant with time.  

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jane said...

Hi Nat,
I luv the Frozen pop cakes !! Where did u get it?

Mummy N said...

Hey hey
I ordered them from Cak3Box.

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