Girls' cook-out

Even before the holidays started, we had plans to ask one of the girls over so when Yeva came, C was all excited. It was a little groceries shopping for the stuff we needed and then we headed off for a buffet to satisfy the girls' craving for sushi.

Then when they got back, they wasted no time and got themselves busy with their playing.

It was only in the early part of the evening when I interrupted them with "I am going to start preparing dinner." before they came into the kitchen.

They wanted to eat udon for dinner so we thought it would be a good idea to let them have a try at frying the dish themselves. They prepared the french beans and cut up the necessary ingredients. Yeva also helped with the marinating of the chicken that they wanted in the noodles. 

Ah, HappyCall wok and cooking! I love them because very little amount of oil is needed for cooking and this meant that there was little chance of them suffering from oil spatter. They were pretty daring I would say, in their attempt. I was pleased that they were willing to learn and shared many tips with them. 

She was all smiles. :) and this evening, we discovered that Yeva was quite an eater. We attributed it to the fact that it was because she was the cook for the evening and had done up the dishes. All the effort must have worked up quite an appetite in her.

After dinner, the girls spent some more time playing before hitting the sack. 

This was lunch the next day before Yeva went home. We were glad that she had a happy and fun time. 

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