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Written By Mummy N on 15 November 2013 | 5:56:00 pm

These books are up for sale!

 They are very specific skills that a child needs for reading comprehension. With the new English syllabus, these skills are particularly important when it comes to comprehension reading. 

These are sample pages of the units covered. The passages are short and the questions on the corresponding pages refer to the specific paragraphs. C had a great time when she was using them. Now that she is moving on to the next stage, I am letting these books go.

I have 2 sets of books to let go at $240 per set. Yes, I know that they are costly; I bought the brand new set at $300 and these books, though used, are in mint condition. Self collection is preferred and I would want the books to be bought as a set simply because each book covers a specific skill. It only makes sense to get the entire series. The series are suitable for 8 year olds (primary 2 pupils), or primary 1 children who are good readers.

Drop me a mail should you be keen. :) Thank you!

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