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Written By Mummy N on 27 October 2013 | 10:00:00 pm

I shop online frequently and often on the top of my shopping lists are things like household items, or groceries, clothes, cosmetics, toys and books. C has been bugging me about getting Nick's books. Her teacher, Mrs Tam, has been going on and on about Nick and how he was appreciative of all that he has despite his situation.

Then I showed her a clip on Youtube and she was so inspired. She found him to be funny and more importantly, he wasn't resentful or bitter about having no limbs. I went on to explain to her that life wasn't always so for him and that he tried to kill himself too when he was 10 years old. Our discussion on Nick became a long drawn event but it was a fruitful one because C learned many lessons so when she asked for his books, I didn't hesitate to get them for her.

I got them online as I wasn't sure I was able to make it to a book store physically and C was terribly excited about receiving them.

Recently, I got her another book; "Lee Kuan Yew, Life in Pictures" and last night, she insisted on browsing through the heavy book before she turned in. She asked so many questions as she flipped through the pages and we talked about Singapore's history and how some of these pictures were related to the many significant events. This looks like a project we could do during the holidays. :)  

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