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Written By Mummy N on 8 August 2013 | 9:30:00 pm

It wasn't that many days ago when C asked me to teach her to prepare simple dishes. Then this evening, she surprised us with this.

Daddy was in a meeting with his counterparts from the other side of the globe and I had put the laundry into the washing machine. C was in the midst of completing her homework when I left her to go into the showers.  15 minutes later, I came out and was walking into the kitchen when I stopped abruptly.

She didn't hear me and I had to quickly take the shot. Twice, she tried to hoist the bamboo of clothes but she gave up as she wasn't tall enough and that was when she realised I was standing behind her; she had called out to me.

I had to rearrange the clothes before I hung the clothes but it didn't matter. I was already very pleased that she had taken the initiative to help out when she saw that we were busy. :)

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