Open House 2012 with Ms Blue

When Ms Blue calls for an Open House for her ballet classes, it means we get an update on what has been going on in class and she will also be letting us know of the hard work in store for our children. The children showed us the dance routines and Ms Blue also informed us of the new changes in the syllabus.

Ms Blue showed us some moves too and she kept stressing that the dance steps are more difficult with the new syllabus. She needed us to see that for the children to be able to master the steps, they would need to practise more.

Ms Blue choreographed this dance for the examination. She remarked that all the routines for the examinations are more performance base than training. C isn't really good at this routine yet.

This is definitely one of C's favourite. We could tell that she was enjoying herself too.

The coaching class for the examination will start some time in mid October and it will be in the mornings before C goes to school. We can foresee tired days ahead but the good thing is, it's a month away from the year-end holidays so tired as she may be, she only needs to hang on for a month.

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