Island of Gods 19 - 22 June 2013 Part II

Just some of the activities we engaged in during our 4-days-3-nights vacation:

This isn't our first holiday together and one thing we have in common is to always have our kiddos in mind when we plan. :) and the best part of it all is after each trip, Cheryl and Brion are always asking when the next vacation will be. Haha. As parents, we feel happy that they have learned new things on the trips.

Activity 1: Spa - lots of pampering.
Upon arrival at our resort in Ubud, we quickly checked in and then left for our spa session. The entire place was reserved for us as I had pre-empt the boss of the number of us coming. She had also generously arranged for us to be driven to her spa.

The children were the first to go and they were treated to a foot bath and I must say, we least expected it. After the children had started on their sessions, the adults went next. We took a variety of treatments; from hot stones, to relaxing massages and body masks. All in all, we spent a good 3 hours at the place.

Our ride for the day...

Activity 2: Barong Dance

We thoroughly enjoyed the show because of the realistic acting. The Barong Dance is a very popular and well known dance and it tells a story of the battle between Evil and Good.

Activity 3: Batik painting

We looked at how batik was made and the children were commenting how they did a little of batik painting when we went to Kuantan in Malaysia.

Activity 4: Painting

Here lives an entire household of artists and they used the area in their house as a gallery for the many pieces of art that they had painted. 

More artists at work.

 Activity 5: Tegenungan waterfall 
The massive water fall. The air around the place was so cool we wished we could stay there a little longer.

Activity 6: the much anticipated Elephant ride.

It was our first ride on an elephant too and the 30 minute ride was really unforgetable. The elephant though slow was steady and collected. The guide with us educated us on what elephants eat and how much they eat a day. He also told us how he trained the elephants.

Activity 7: Tanah Lot

The famous Tanah Lot. The temple is accessible only on low tides and devotees have to walk through the waters to reach the temple. It was a pity that it was dusk when we reached the place and we hardly had any time to take decent pictures before it became too dark.

Activity 8: the coveted dolphin experience

The dolphin and elephant experience were the highlights of our trip. We had planned to visit the dolphins when we were holidaying in Perth last year but due to weather conditions, we weren't able to. While we were in Mauritius, the closest we got to seeing these mammals were when we were far out in the ocean but this was truly an experience of a lifetime. The dolphin was friendly and playful and he played well with us all.

Activity 9: playing on the beach...

 Often, it is Mother Nature who gives us the best form of entertainment. :)

Activity 10: Swimming in our Private Pool.

This was really awesome! C and C took a morning dip in the pool just before breakfast. 

Activity 11: Relaxing and sipping wine
The adults had some time in the evening to just sit and chit chat with a glass of wine. :) 

Activity 12: Looking pretty

We walked across the road from where our villas were for the girls to get their hair braided. They very quietly sat through 1.5 hours for their hair to be done.

Over the span of these 4 days, we had so much fun and it was really a trip to be remembered. :) C was happy and she said that she was going to write about her trip to Bali for her holiday assignment.

Activity 13: View from the cockpit

This came as a surprise. When we were about to alight from the air craft, the stewardess beckoned to us and we followed suit. She then ushered Cheryl and Brion into the cockpit to have their pictures taken with the Captain who had flown us back to Singapore. :) The children were in awe at the number of blinking lights and buttons there were in the cockpit but they were thrilled to bits.

What a way to end our vacation. :) Awesome! 

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Lionel n Rachel said...

C looked so lovely in her overall outfit ( 1st photo under activity 2-Barong Dance). I like the way her hat sits perfectly on her head with her hair weaving down under.. so sweet :)

Mummy N said...

:) Thanks so much. She will be very happy to hear this. haha

Winbebe said...

Hi, may I know where is the dolphin place? My gal always dream abt it!

Mummy N said...


You can check their website out:

You will need to take a speed boat out to the ocean to a floating pool.
Bring your goggles; the sea water hurts the eyes.

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