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that itchy, scratch throat...

Written By Mummy N on 20 April 2013 | 1:30:00 pm

These days, it's either pouring cats and dogs or we are melting under the sweltering heat and it is no wonder that many of us are feeling under the weather. Daddy came down with flu and despite that day off from work, he hasn't recovered. In fact he got worse and started coughing 2 days ago.

He is down to the last 10 ml of his cough mixture and he doesn't look anywhere near recovery. This morning while out on our groceries shopping, we saw that lotus root was on sale and quickly bought it as I wanted to prepare this remedy for him.

My mother-in-law would always prepare this when she hears him cough... .

The raw lotus root was washed and grated before it was given a good squeeze to extract the juice. I did this for 2 rounds; the second was diluted with water. As for the dry residue after that, it was thrown away.

Then the mixture was put over low heat and brought to a boil. Because of the starch from the lotus root, it is advisable to keep the flame low and to keep stirring the mixture. Rock sugar was added to sweeten the mixture. When the mixture had boiled, it would thicken.

Pour it into your mugs and let it cool. 

Daddy likes it both warm and cold so we had 1 mug put in the fridge. For that added crunch, you can add diced water chestnut. A simple home remedy to keep that itchy, scratchy throat away. :)

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