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Written By Mummy N on 11 March 2013 | 9:30:00 pm

For the longest time, Daddy has been talking about getting one. In fact, we did some intensive research and even went down to their road show several times at Suntec Convention Hall. The last time we were there was last November and we almost made our payment but Daddy, being Daddy, decided that he would need a longer time to consider before committing himself.

We were also eyeing another make and model but because there people who were bringing this machine in were parallel importers, we were told the robot would be speaking in Korean instead of English. So we decided to wait again.

At the recent IT Fair, the first robot was featured and after much consideration, we decided to just get it as we had no idea how long more we would need to wait should we want to stick to our original plans of getting the other model.

I have named my little helper, R. :) and this was him doing his run for the first time around the place.

When we were hunting for furniture for our place, we were conscious of the height between the sofa and the floor because we knew it has to allow the robot to go in easily. No problem here! R could also easily move in and out from under the sofa. 

This, however, proved to be a hindrance. The base of the standing fan was a little too much for R to handle and it kept wanting to climb on. So the smart thing to do would be to shift the fan to an area which did not require R to vacuum. 

There was a magnetic strip in the box and apparently this strip was all we needed to solve the issue of R mounting the base of the standing fan.

The strip along the circumference of the base of the fan. :) 

Would post video soon. :)

The aftermath of just 1 round: R made me look bad; sure made me feel like I hadn't clean my place at all. Haha but seriously, I was extremely pleased that it could pick up so much dust. 

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