The beginning of the Ugly Duckling phase...

That's what Daddy calls it anyways... .

C's top frontal teeth have been shaky since December last year and I even brought her to the dentist once to have them extracted. But the dentist sent us back after inspecting her teeth and assured us that they would drop naturally and all C had to do was to "play" with her teeth more often and chew on hard food like apples  more.
C came running to me after she got back from her class and showed me this. Daddy said she accidentally hit herself on the lips while doing her gangnam-style dance and almost needed no effort to pluck the tooth off thereafter. 

And so C officially enters the "Ugly Duckling" phase. 

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My Amazing Days said...

Oh! I recently lost my other front tooth too (my other already one came out and grew in earlier). It's finally starting to grow in now :D

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