C returned with a form informing us that there will be a Story-telling Fiesta for the Primary 1 and 2 pupils.

It wasn't compulsory that the pupils join the Fiesta but they were highly encouraged to. This is a platform for the children to sharpen their presentation and speaking skills. Besides, this also helps build confidence. We discussed this with C and she agreed that she would participate in the Challenge. 

C would have to narrate a meaningful story which can either be a personal experience or not. She could also take a story from a novel that she had read but she must be able to link the story important values like faith, honesty, responsibility and humility among others and of course, to acknowledge the source of her story.

We have come up with a story and she has been practising though she still needs to work on her intonation and pitch. The first round starts this week and she will have to present her story to her class. The best 2 speakers will be picked from each class and they will compete against their peers 2 weeks from now. The winner will represent the school in the YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards 2013. 

It takes courage to speak in front of crowds and this is a good start. :)

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