A special day

14 February 2012. It's Valentine's Day and it is more special today because Daddy did something he doesn't usually do.
Daddy had this lovely bouquet delivered to my work place; something he has never done before. Hours before this, my colleague and I were talking about how our husbands aren't the sort who would give flowers so you can imagine the look on my face when I got back to my desk and saw this.

The first time he bought me flowers, we were dating. The second time, we were at the Registry of Marriage. Our customary marriage at the end of 2003 was the third. The fourth bouquet was when C was born and this is my fifth.

I wouldn't lie and say I don't like it... in fact, I love it! :) At first, the hub didn't want to admit that he was the one and the thing that made it more mysterious was, the bouquet didn't come with a card. I had to coaxed it out of him.


Lionel n Rachel said...

wow, Happy Valentine's Day to u...

know what DH told me? everyday is vday cos 都老夫老妻 already...

Mummy N said...

Thank you, dear.

Same to you. I never knew nor expected this to happen cuz its so out of character for my hub to do this.
but his surprise was foiled by the delivery man who called me to ask me where exactly was my work place as he couldn't find it. haha

but your hub has a point, every day should be valentine's day cuz its the little things that he does for you that count. :)

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