Math on the Internet

This evening, C returned with A note from Ee teacher. Precious can now log in a site that the school has subscribed and practise her math.

The website has several math concepts and topics put in place and Precious can go through the topics and solve the problem sums online.

C tried some sums on Money and she had the sums corrected online too.

Each time the online tutor told her that she had done the sum correctly, Precious broke out in a grin. :) We did not have to pay any subscription this year and since Precious liked the exercises so much, I think we will be visiting this site very often.


Fatboy Joe said...

The computer, with internet connection, appears to be a must for today's students. Even at primary 1!

Mummy N said...

Yes it is. Even for students who are on financial aid, they are given opportunities to own a computer at a discounted rate.

There are days in the school calendar where students do not come to school but stay at home to do online assignments: part of MOE's great Master Plan for IT.

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