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This evening, C said she wanted to practise singing her school anthem and school creed.

She had music class today and she was happy that she had learned the songs.

The School Anthem

The School Creed

When we purchased our books from the book store, we had to get this disc too and it was good that these important songs are in there because then we can practise singing the songs at home. C is rather diligent, she was looking at the creed and learning the bibical verses.


Fatboy Joe said...

Her school creed is also relevant for adults!

Mummy N said...

yes. I believe the sec school shares similar creed. a good creed should be one that we can live up to and live with throughout life. :)

Chew Family said...

I good idea to get parents to buy the disc. Haven't heard my son singing the school anthem...

Mummy N said...

I didn't expect the school song to be in the cd. but c said it was as her teacher informed the class. she learned the songs in school and probably was told to practise at home.

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