We have been waiting for this day... .

Today, we went to PLMGS for C's Primary One Orientation. We got up early and after breakfast, headed out to the school.

We were early but there were already many parents and children there. After registering our attendance, we collected some forms and proceeded into the Hall.

Mrs Lim, C's form teacher and right after her name was ticked, she joined her new classmates. The teacher and some prefects then brought the children to their classroom. 

We were in the hall and the presentation started. After the talk, we went on to settle some administrative matters. C would be taking the school bus and as I had already bought the books and uniforms, we only needed to pick up some extra items like the handbook.

The new school building. PLMGS is currently undergoing renovation works to expand its compound. Come 2013, the school would run as a single-session school. We also learned that C would have the comfort of air-conditioned classrooms when she starts Primary 1.

C was with her classmates and form teacher and she was given an assessment. C said she aced it! Haha! She was very excited and said she has even made friends with a girl in class. Daddy and I are heartened.  :)


Lionel n Rachel said...

hey, L went for his P1 orientation last fri & made a new fren too.

Mummy N said...

making new friends is so part of being in primary one.

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