Cheryl's Graduation and Concert 2011

With this ceremony, it marks the end of Cheryl's pre-school years. These past months, C and her peers were busy preparing for this big day. 

Precious received her graduation certificate and after the singing of the national anthem, the concert began.

Daddy and I have always been impressed with the performances put up by the children. It didn't matter whether they were in the nursery or kindergarten classes. All the children gave their best and danced the evening away.

Precious in her princess gown. Yes Precious, every girl can be a princess and we were positive we weren't the only proud parents there. She moved with such grace and elegance.

C did another dance and this item took our breath away. We could tell that Precious enjoyed every bit of time she was on stage.

After the performance,
Precious is such a doll. :)

C with her teachers, Ms Novelle and Ms Nabi.

It has been a wonderful 3.5 years. C joined Josiah Montessori when she was 3.5 years old and we really felt that it was the best thing we could have given Cheryl. She loved her friends and her teachers and very importantly, the teachers were nurturing and taught the children to be independent and inquisitive learners. 


Lionel n Rachel said...

Congrats to C, the proud graduand of k2:)

Mummy N said...

:) thank you so much!

can't believe how time flies.

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