Class of 2011

This year has been an exciting one for C. Not only did she cover the academics, she also did a lot of projects with her peers.

C worked on several projects over the year and she started with mapping skills. Together, they learned to look at objects in their classroom first.

Then it was out of the school into the neighbourhood.

Precious had to do a journal entry for each of her project and I must say, she enjoys this part best. She has a journal book which she treasures and she has been carrying it with her every where she goes since Ms Novelle returned the book.

Project Recycling. C and her peers went outdoors to pick up litter and put them into the recycling bins. 

This was the best, C claimed because they were the ones who told Ms Novelle they wanted to create a petrol pump. 

The children took the task seriously and worked together as a team to make the details of the pump.

The final product and they were so proud of themselves and what they had accomplished. This was displayed at the entrance of the school for viewing. :)

Precious has grown so much over the years and from a young and bashful girl, she has blossomed into a fine young lady. 

 The graduand. Daddy and I love this picture very much indeed. "Well done, our little one. We are confident you will move on to greater things."


Fatboy Joe said...

Noticed that Cheryl is one of the tallest in her class. I could be mistaken.

Mummy N said...

One of the tallest. One of her best friend, Regina, is at least half a head taller than her.

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