what a day!

From the letter we received from the school, today was one of the many scheduled days that we could get our books and uniforms. So I took child care leave and went with Precious to get them.

She was supposed to be off from school by then but after waiting for 15 minutes and she wasn't out, I was getting anxious. It didn't help that the rain came down suddenly and heavily. I was praying that the queue for cabs would move fast.

After C emerged from the classroom, we took heels and dashed to the taxi stand. The rain was relentless and the roads leading to her school were flooded. With a ticking clock and the downpour, I was just hoping that we could make it in time.

We arrived at 2.45 pm; 15 minutes before the vendors pack up for the day. phew!
The vendors selling uniforms really know what they were doing because the young chap only took a look at Cheryl and gave me this to let her try it on. Size 26! It was a good fit; roomy enough for her to grow into. 

We bought 3 sets of uniforms, 2 sets of P.E. attire and 3 pairs of socks. 

With less than 5 minutes on the clock, I handed C her book list and instructed her to look for the Aunt at the end of the line. C helped her to locate her name against the name list and C then shouted out to me that she was number 12! Hahaha!

The rest of the aunts got into action and started packing her books immediately.

And they all went into a box.

C trying on her P.E. attire when we got back home. 

Next, I got busy tagging all her clothes. From her P.E. attire, to her belts, pinafores, blouses and even her socks. I will do her shoes when we buy them.

Finally, we got down to wrap the books. 

C helped too! As she worked, she was humming her favourite songs. Looks like a good start to Primary 1. :)


Lionel n Rachel said...

C looks so smart in her uniform, defintely a true blue PLMGS girl.. :)

Mummy N said...

Thank you :) I hope she will blossom under the care of her teachers there.

San said...

Pri 1?! What a milestone... I am looking forward to my son's P1 orientation! (And by looking forward I mean with trepidation and excitement! :P)

Mummy N said...

yes it is, indeed.

pri education is a whole new ball game and I can only imagine what it is going to be like for her and us. :)

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