Dr! Dr!

Daddy and I suspect that C's new teeth are cutting through. Well, this is good if she had gotten rid of her milk teeth but ... .

Since this is the term break and I have some time to spare, I made an appointment to go down to Smileworks to visit C's favourite dentist.

 This was her third visit and by this time, she was all so familiar with the procedure and knew exactly what to expect.

X-ray of my teeth. Dr Khong suggested I do a thorough check on my teeth to see if there were any infection especially with the root and I thought it was a good idea. Thankfully, everything came out clear. :)

C getting her Topical Fluoride treatment done after her polishing. This was applied to her teeth and it was to provide a protection kind of like a shield for her teeth. As for her sprouting new teeth, Dr took a look and said that it was alright. Besides, Precious' milk teeth were not shaky and Dr didn't see a need for extraction at this moment. 

Precious with her reward after her check. :)


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