Ethan's Blasting Bash!

Cheryl returned from school about 2 weeks ago with an invitation for her classmate's 6th birthday party. 

Ethan had invited his classmates to share this special day with him and the party would be held outdoors at Pasir Ris Park. C was all excited and even before we could say "Yes", she had already told Ethan that she would be there. When we saw that the party was to be held on Sunday, we didn't agree to it immediately. This was because we go to Church on Sundays.

C wanted to go so badly that I told her to pray and ask God if it was alright for her to attend. 

Then came Monday and when I checked with Daddy about the status of our attendance, this was C's reply.

Mummy: "We will have to miss Ethan's party, right?"
Daddy: "Cheryl told me, Jesus said can go."

Okay, I couldn't stop laughing when I heard what he said. 

So this morning, we headed out to Pasir Ris Park to join Ethan and the rest.
The birthday boy, Ethan

The children arrived and the fellows in charge starting setting up.

A short briefing on how to handle the laser guns and then the children were grouped.

Almost ready now...

Don't they look fierce?

And then the games began. The children were pretty good. They knew to take cover behind bushes and trees and they were so serious about taking their opponents down.

Daddy had to help C at times.

The boys eventually won but the kids had so much fun.

Ethel, Ethan's baby sister.

"Girl Power"

The Daddies! They looked so cool!

Thirst-quenching fruits to beat the heat!

 Ah... Friends. :)


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