2011 Mid Year Review

I finally went down to meet Ms Novelle. It was the "Meet-the-Parents" session again and after much difficulty, I managed to make an appointment to see her.

Ms Novelle had good things to say about C's progress. This term, Cheryl was able to work independently and without much guidance. She was able to complete her tasks and most importantly, pay attention in class and Ms Novelle also handed me some of the Activity books that C has completed for the term.

However, it was the pictures that captured my attention... .

The "Out-of-School" (CO2) experiences
This was to a playground where the children learned vocabulary.

A trip to the NTUC Supermarket where C learned Math.

 The children took a tour of East Point Shopping Centre to learn Mapping.

And the most recent one where C went to the Library with her classmates.

There were projects to complete too.
Here, C learned about the different feelings that we exhibit. I remembered us sitting ourselves down and rummaging through magazines and newspapers to cut out pictures of faces displaying different emotions.

And when the project was complete, it was a "Show-and-tell". C loves this segment best.

Science experiments. It was here that C tasted century egg and surprise, surprise, she liked the taste of the black egg.
And this was the project work that the children had to complete in their groups.
Ms Novelle commented that C was very cooperative and extremely observant too. She is definitely a team player. :)

The children and their completed barn. Ms Novelle showed it to me when I came to see her and I was in awe at the details they had put in. Some of the farm animals were not figurines as I had thought but moulded by the children using Plasticine.

"Great job, Precious!"


Anonymous said...

Hi, your daughter is very smart! My son also goes to josiah in the n2 class. Just wondering how you get hold of her pictures in class? I saw your older posts and you got many pictures of her during class time in action.

Mummy N said...

thank you. She has good teachers and they have guided her well.
Your boy is in Josiah too! That's great.

All the picture that are with her Mid Year and End Year reviews are taken by her teachers. In the past, pictures were pasted in her report books. I take pictures of the pictures.haha.. But these 2 years, Josiah has taken to cutting the pictures into cd and each child gets his own pictures. Good idea as now, the teachers give us more pictures than what they can paste in the report book. Same goes with the holiday programs where pictures are not developed into photos; just soft copies.

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