"I am 35!"

Yes, I am 35! :)

This evening, after our game of golf, we went out for dinner at Ampang Yong Tao Hu. We haven't been here in a long time and since it was near home, we decided to go there.
Yummy food! 

All of us ate till we were so bloated. Haha. 

Then we dropped by Hans for cake because C said that no birthday is complete without a cake.

Ahhh... nice!

Asher is really a poster-boy! He knows how to grin at the camera and does it quite naturally too.

Daddy with Baby Brycen and Aunt Margaret. :)

Take 1: Err... didn't quite make it as Baby Brycen was more interested in what was screening on television.

Take 2: Perfect! :)

"Thank you, my Baby!"

Then when we got back, there was a pleasant surprise instored...

:) The lovely girls dropped by with presents!

My gift from my god daughters, Zinnia, Yeva, Xandra and their awesome parents, Angie and Junming.
"Thank you!"

On Monday itself, C and I spent the day together.

She wanted to try out a newly opened Japanese restaurant.

And to round up the wonderful birthday, Daddy came back with another cake for me.
 This is my 3rd cake in 2 days! :)

I am indeed very blessed. Thank you, everyone and I would like to share my birthday wish with all of you: "Let all of us be healthy!"


byihui said...

happy 35, natalie! u certainly dun look your age :)

Mummy N said...

Thank you, dear. :)

mother hen said...

Happy belated birthday! May you continue to look young and pretty always!

Mummy N said...

hey babe
thank you. how have you been?

mother hen said...

we have moved to Hong Kong since CNY. THankfully, the kids have settled in happily. But its another story altogether with the education system, is far more stressful.

Mummy N said...

I have sent u an email via FB.. Wow!! Reply me?
Else let's talk via email.


We were saying that we haven't seen you guys in a long time and u left me a message. :)

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