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Several days back, Aunt Di asked me what were some activities she could do with Asher. She was thinking of signing him up with enrichment centres or enrolling him for certain classes. Then Aunt Di commented that C knew her phonics when she was very young, even before she went to school.

Yes, I agreed and recommended that she bought this.
C learned all of her phonics from this humble DVD. By the time she went to Josiah when she was 3.5 year old, she already knew her sounds and she could pronounce them well.

I was quite kiasu actually because I did more than just get her this one DVD, I bought the entire 5-pack DVD which included this "Letter Word Factory", "Talking Word Factory", and one on Math. When C was older, she was enjoying the other DVD which taught her to pronounce words with diphthongs and even taught her some rules like with words that have "i-e", the letter "i" is pronounced as as it is, instead of /i/ .

Overall, it was a good purchase and definitely all worth it! :)

An old clip featuring C and her phonics.


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