Mid Year Review 2010

It's review time at Josiah and this morning, just before I headed off to work, I dropped by to pay Ms Novelle a visit. This year, Ms Novelle returned some of C's completed work and updated me with C's progress over the half a year period.
C, clearly enjoying herself in class. She loves the beam!

Learning Corner, another one of her favourite places in the classroom. She usually goes there after she has completed her work. 

Craft ...

Story book time...
and Chinese.

Where she learned about the Continents...

and landscape.

and then...
Ms Novelle commented that C is good with her English and in fact, she is one of the best in class. However, she advised that we continue to do whatever reading and exercises nightly. She also said that we should reinforce "Nouns" and "Verbs". Ms Novelle gave me a projected syllabus of C's English curriculum and said that "Prepositions" will be taught in term 4 but she thinks C will make enough progress in term 3 for her to bring forward her syllabus.

"Great job, Precious!"


byihui said...

great job cheryl :) m sure she has no prob settling down in p1..

Mummy said...

thank you!
well, as long as she is enjoying herself. we will have no complaints.

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know where you get those english worksheet for cheryl to do? can email me at blur_green@yahoo.com.sg

tigger said...

Well done Cheryl!

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