C loves Mussels!

The thing about Nature is, when we are truly in tune with her, she really provides the best kind of entertainment. I still remember those times when we were children and our family outings were mostly to the beach where Grand Uncle Joe threw the net for prawns, crabs and fish.

This time round, Grand Uncle Joe came with his boat...

Grand Uncle Joe is always prepared.

The rest of us enjoyed our breakfast while Grand Uncle Joe and Steve, together with Ben went out into the sea. The spread was really something and we were chilling out and having a good time ourselves.

Daddy and Grand Uncle Joe getting the boat ready...

Grand Aunt Yvonne was here too! (all the way from Germany) :)

After like what seemed ages.... the catch!

C and Aunt Dallas were naturally thrilled and asked to go on the boat. This time, Daddy went along.

Oh, then the Grand Aunts got busy...
Grand Mummy prepared the fish too so we had a great time feasting on the ultra-fresh seafood!
This really is the best part, although I think the "fishermen" Grand Uncles felt that being out there in the waters was the ultimate.
Cheryl has learned to appreciate mussels and she absolutely loves them! She was eating one after another and could have easily downed 10 of them. Can't blame her when these beauties were so sweet and fresh and even though it was the first time she had them, she didn't reject the new taste. :)

She wait so long .... C wanted to go down and start her digging for more mussels and clams and crabs but the rain came down on us and cut short our outing. Naturally C was disappointed but she admitted that she had fun and would want to do it again. :)


Ashley said...

wow u guys really know how to enjoy pure nature! hehe! =) CHeryl so young already know how to appreciate raw food!

Mummy said...

it's my uncles. they are the ones with the love for fishing and they were always taking us out for such activities when i was a child.

we are thankful indeed that c gets to experience this with them cuz city kids ... this is really a rare treat.

the mussels are cooked. :) but you are right abt c enjoying raw food. she loves sashimi.

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