"I can tell time!"

Counting till 100 is a breeze for C now and her regular Math practices from school also reinforce these numbers. In the past, I tried to teach C to read time but the reading of the minutes on an analogue clock proved to be quite an uphill task because it was not easy to add in the multiples of 5.

So we got her a digital watch instead. 
She took forever to choose because there were so many different ones and then, initially, she was rather reluctant to get herself a digital watch and preferred an analogue one over this. But after she realised she could read the numbers off this one, she was very pleased.

These days, she has this watch on her all the time and is ever so often hurrying me with, "Mummy, it's ........ (Fill in the time)! We are late!" Well, she also went to Ms Novelle, her teacher in school and thanked her for teaching C numbers because now, "I can tell time."


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