getting started...

C will be starting her art class officially this Saturday and she has been bugging me to get her art materials. Last week, just before the school year started, we finally brought her to Popular Bookshop and she bought her much beloved paint.

This evening, we did some painting. It has been a long time since we did work in the evenings and although tired from work, I obliged.

She was delighted to be working with her hands again. :) And Daddy and I can't wait to see the art pieces she will soon be churning out... .


Joanie said...

So you decided her art class already? Going to the Marine Parade one? Heehee..thot Joshua will be joining her.

Mummy said...

yap.. the sch is full and almost impossible for slots to come by but thankfully managed to get one for her. :)

unfortunately, my ex student doesnt work on sats so she wont be c's teachers.

joshua's mummy says its a little too early to travel from her place so maybe j will be joining keziah. :)

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