C's art... Flowers

Last Saturday marked the start of C's official art class. I had to work that day so I wasn't able to take her there. However, I later learned that C had a wonderful time and drew flowers. She said that she would be working on the painting again this week.

When we picked her up today after her session, she showed us what she had done in class. Teacher Kelly, my ex-student was there today and she was the one who tended to C. Kelly updated us that C would be working on a life portrait: it was a cut out of her figure, complete with arms and fingers. We couldn't wait to see it, especially after this first piece of work.


Kelly Woo said...

Cheryl and Ashley had SO much fun in class today. The voices and laughters of theirs combined were... 'Whoa!' The class became so lively because of the three of them, one being Keysha, a friend they made and helped them a lot. Keysha taught them how to cut neatly and cleared the mess they made together with them. The whole morning class was so full of life. It was really a pleasant sight.

In addition to all the 'mayhem', the three of them sang and danced to "Nobody, nobody but you!" with all the right actions and dance steps. They were truly so adorable. I wish i could be there to share their joy every week. Glad to know that they were my kids which chased my morning blues away.

I am sure Teacher Moe will enjoy teaching them every week as much as i did today. It was really a pleasure. Thank you.

Mummy said...

Kelly, it was great seeing u there today. And oh my gosh! I know c can be quite a funny girl but have no idea she can turn every class she attends into such a sing and dance along. Ha ha

I seriously hope our girls didn't disrupt e class and disturb thx others. Hee. Having said tt, it's always nice to know tt Ashley and c are enjoying themselves. :)

kelly Woo said...

HAHA. Yeah man. Some of the kids in the class were screaming: "We must send them to the mental hospital!" But the thing is, they all still had so much fun together in the class.

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