C, a fish?

Finally, I made the call to the school to make an arrangement for C to come down for a swimming assessment. Yeva and Zinnia were keen so our families went together after service. We were rather apprehensive initially because the several times I spoke to C about enrolling her into swimming classes were met with reservations and protests. She insisted on having Daddy, and no one else teach her. But Daddy wasn't keen because he felt that C wasn't serious and didn't listen to his instructions. She was more into play than wanting to learn swimming skills.

But I must say, our trip today wasn't wasted at all. Yeva and Cheryl were given the green light to go ahead for the swimming class after a short session with their coach, Uncle Chong. He is a very warm and gentle man and worked tremendously well with toddlers. Yeva and C took to him in no time at all, much to our relief.

Our girls before their dip in the pool.

Zinnia was the first to go as Uncle Chong had to assess her swimming ability.

Then it was C's and Yeva's turn. He made them feel so comfortable and the girls had an enjoyable time with him, playing in the water as well as learning some basic skills.

Yes, we signed them up for classes! Daddy and I were pleased with what we saw and children can never be too young to pick up a skill as important as swimming.


Chew Family said...

Yes, one is never too young to pick up a skill especially swimming. Still trying to slot in a time for my son to learn swimming! =)

Mummy said...

hey girl
yeah. sats and suns are always so precious: we don't have to work and it's the only time we have with the kids yet paradoxically, we pack them off for enrichment classes.

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