toys we used to play with...

Daddy had to return to his office today but as promised, he made it back to take C to the Children Little Museum.

We had a wonderful time there just browsing at the many exhibits. Though small, the place was packed with things that brought back lots of memories.

Daddy and I remember how we would stand outside a stall that sells little nicknacks like these.

"Cinema on Wheels". Back then (this goes way back before Daddy's and my time) people could catch movies from a mobile cinema like this one and it would cost them $0.05 per movie.

There was also a barber chair on display that came complete with the necessary equipement for hair dressing. Daddy was showing C how to sharpen a razor for shaving. What made this museum fun was the many interactive exhibits.

Some simple yet innovative kampong games were featured too.

A walker on display. Daddy told C that he used to play with such toy soldiers too. And I used to play on a pianica.

Robots on display as well as some origami.

Facade of a school.

Report books. Our report books looked like these too, in English though.

The milk bottle warmer. I didn't know it existed such a long time ago and it was also multi-purpose.

Some of the toys and wheels that children used to play with.

We saw this stool cum high chair and Daddy immediately exclaimed that he had one of this when he was a kid. I tried to put our Precious in there and ... she couldn't fit in it anymore. Ha ha ha! What a waste! But this is a great invention because we can use it as a stool after that.

A drinks stall. Por por used to own an ice shaver like this one when she ran a coffee shop.

C wanted a drink and I was selling her a glass. Haha!

A trishaw. I told C that Por por, Aunt Juliana, Aunt Margaret and I used to ride in this after a trip to the wet market.

It was an eventful trip and Daddy and I were glad we came. It brought back many wonderful and heart warming memories of our childhood and it was great to be able to show Cheryl some of the simple toys we used to play before technology invaded.


Ashley said...

such a nice place to go! I dunno at tat time we already had the milk bottle warmer too! the report book i also had, mine was blue last time. hehe!

Mummy said...

ya. the place, although small, has many exhibits and we spent quite some time there, talking and explaining to C some of the things we used to do when we were kids.

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