"I am healing well..."

Before I continue, Daddy, Cheryl and I would like to thank all friends and family for the well wishes and concerns.

This is taken 6 days after C's fall and although the wound is still a little red, it has healed well. Hopefully, in a few days, the reddness will go away and the scar will fade.

We thank God for there was no infection and C barely complained of itch or pain. We really have Doc Kelvin Goh to thank because otherwise C would have unsightly stitches.


byihui said...

hi natalie, be patient. it'll take months for the scar to completely disappear ya? dun worry so much :)

Mummy said...

hello byihui

:) thank you. i am looking at it every day and actually, a few times a day too.

just thankful that she is alright.

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