Remember my entry on the "wonder drug"?

I blogged about it some time back about how good it was and now, I am kind of blessed to be able to find this really sweet (no pun intended) lady who is able to give me a price which I think is heavenly! I am into my 3rd bottle of this sweet nectar since I started taking in November last year. Now, all of us; Daddy, Cheryl and I take it nightly before we retire. :) Yeah, we love it so much! :)

My colleague, whom I recommended the honey to, and Aunt Angie, who just got a fresh bottle and ordered 1 more, are now addicts and they rave about how sore throats are a thing of the past.

Okay, I usually buy this off the shelves at the discounted price of $102.60 (originally priced at $114) and now I am getting it at a steal of $75! So if you are keen, please drop me a note with your name and email address and I will let you know the details. :)


ashmummy said...

Ok i'm getting 1 for $75. I can drink for my own if Ashley dun really want it. My own 1 gog to finish soon liao. Email address : lost_words76@hotmail.com

Will collect from your home when i go my mum's plc at Bedok! :)

Mummy said...

sure sure! :)

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