staff dinner

C came along for the Staff Dinner and we arrived early as I had some duties to perform.

And she was all dressed up for the theme of "Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous", as a little princess. She was telling me that she was missing a tiara as all princess wear one of these on their heads. Nevertheless, our little Princess had fun posing for the camera when I told her to.

She even helped me lay out the table. These were the lucky draw numbers which my colleagues had to pick out later. She was able to recognise the numbers (from 1 to 30) and nicely placed them in order.

...and then some of the guests arrived.

C took a while to warm up to Ayra. Initially, our Spark was all shy and coy and didn't want to play with her but after every one was seated in the ballroom, Ayra came out and the two little princesses ran around in the empty reception area. C even wanted to follow Ayra into the washroom!

The Charlie's Angels!

C enjoying her food at the table. She loved the duck and Mdm Chao who sat beside C took great care of her while I was running around. Thank you ! And of course, all credit when to our dear, Mrs Hazel Lee for organising such a wonderful spread at Marriott Hotel for us. She is truly a great colleague! :)

Some of the wonderful people I work with!


babynuppy aka Aunt Margaret said...

Wao~ Cheryl is so pretty~!!

Mummy said...

aunt margaret:


thank you!

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