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Shopping Madness

Written By Mummy N on 4 December 2014 | 10:30:00 pm

Daddy was away for 2 consecutive weeks due to work and I was busy trying to finish up my own but I guess you can never tell when the travel aka holiday bug will bite. This was a decision we made only 3 days before we took off.

 This was the first time we went on a trip without Daddy. Nah, it wasn't a trip to sight-see although C has not been to Bangkok. We were on a mission.

A quick bite to fill the tummies before we boarded the plane.

 In the evening, we arrived at our destination.

Nice room for the 3 of us, as we managed to convince Aunt Justina to come along.

Then it was a mad rush to get Daddy's shirts before nightfall. We had limited time there and we had so much to do.

 2 days of walking and this was our accomplishment. There were more like snacks (lots of them) and even toiletries. 

We indulged in a little too when it was dinner time. Lunch and breakfast were always done in a jiffy because we wanted to make the most of the day getting our hands on what we wanted. It was the evenings when we sat ourselves down for a good time.

simple but satisfying

 C loved the steak so much she said she wanted to eat it again. Honestly, it was quite good and very affordable. 

All these for the 3 of us. Despite the good food we had, we actually lost weight from all the walking.

Then of course, there was always room for desserts.

Would we return? I would give a resounding "Yes" and the next time, Daddy will come along.

 *some pictures were contributed by Aunt Justina.

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